Friday, February 22, 2013

Sans Souci Festival of Dance and Cinema

By: Shannon Ivey 

Beginning tonight, a very unique 3-day festival is taking place at the Riverside Park at Pearl in San Antonio called, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema. We recently caught up with Rick Frederick, Interim Managing Director of Attic Rep, to ask him a few question about the "Festival Without Concern."

What inspired this festival?

This is our third year of hosting Sans Souci in San Antonio. Susanna Morrow is a professor at TU who we have worked with on several projects.  She recognized our interest in cross discipline exploration and introduced Roberto to Ana Baer, one of the curators of Sans Souci. Mostly, the work is stunning and we wanted to be sure San Antonio audiences had the opportunity to see it. And for us, the festival fits into our mission of provoking dialogue, so it seemed a perfect fit. This particular conversation moves outside of social/political issues and is centered on form and bending our perceptions in order to discover new possibilities. Our practice is similarly based. We have been working with visual artists and film makers for years now. We do it because their approach to art making is different from theatre making. That difference challenges our thinking and opens us to new possibilities and forms. It also ensures that we never get stale as we are required to meet these artists in the middle. Sans Souci is a wonderful addition to our dialogue of what theatre can be.

What does the name Sans Souci mean and why did you choose it?

Sans Souci means "without concern" and was conceived in 2003 when Michelle Ellsworth and Brandi Mathis sat on the porch of a 1967 Marlette Mobile home in the Sans Souci Trailer Park in Boulder Colorado musing about the pleasures of viewing and creating dances for the screen. Quickly BMoCA and The University of Colorado as well as artists Ana Baer and Hamel Bloom added their support to transform mere musing into a Festival of Dance Cinema. What was first envisioned in '03 as an informal gathering of local dance video artists screening their works on a white wall in a trailer is now an international festival housed at BMoCA with submissions from all over the world.

I watched the sample reel (below) and it's stunning, how do you hope this work will inspire the SA community?

This partnership brings international short films to San Antonio, pairing local live video performance with work by artists from around the world, exposing our audiences to a variety of film, video, and performance possibilities. This year we wanted to be sure to reach a broader audience and also reach folks who might not come to a black box theatre on the second floor of a university building. So we are taking it outside to the Park at Pearl where we can enjoy a picnic, the river and dancing under the stars. And it's free.

New work, that is good, is always inspiring. Being exposed to new work excites us. And hopefully it will do the same for our audience. From the beginning of our relationship with Sans Souci, Roberto has felt it necessary and important to have an open call for San Antonio artists to be included in our version of the festival. San Antonio needs to know that the work that is made here is on par with the world.

When:  February 22, 23, 24, 2013 
Time:  6:30PM 
Where:  Riverside Park at Pearl
Cost:  FREE!
**Bring a Picnic!**

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