Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GENERATION OF CHANGE: Human Sex Trafficking

Henry Moon, Writer
In a series of posts entitled 'GENERATION OF CHANGE' - TFC has proudly invited an elite group of young writers and artists from Texas Lutheran University to share their thoughts on participating in, producing, writing, editing, and shooting 'Videos of Change.'  Our first contributor, Henry Moon, details his experience of synthesizing the human sex trafficking story into a 30 second awareness video for

All videos produced will also be featured on

By:  Henry Moon

Over the next few weeks I will be narrating my personal foray into the world of Theatre For Change. I am currently part of a production team at Texas Lutheran University that is working on "Awareness Videos" for

Our process began, as it often does, with a discussion.  Documentary Filmaker and Founder of, Kathlee Roscoe, came to campus and brought with her hundreds of hours of raw footage that showcased the dire plight of the human trafficking scene.  In spite of the shocking statistics and heartbreaking images, my profound lesson of the day was that human sex trafficking casts a wide net into pornography, strip clubs, massage parlors, and prostitution.

Armed with research and information, we collectively decided that our message is one of education and hope. Our goal is to empower all who are concerned with the safety and freedom of others, to act on behalf of the helpless.

Did you know that roughly 325,000 women and children are trafficked by the sex trade every year in America? Furthermore 20% of those trafficked are from right here in Texas with their average age being a mere 13 years old. Some are younger, some are older, but the point is there are thousands of children that are being taken from their homes and sold as a commodity. With statistics it is often a temptation to say how terrible those people who kidnap and sell children are and we neglect the people who pay them in dark alleys. Never forget the demand is as perverse as its suppliers. The myth that “the prostitute wants to be there” is laughable at best. So the next time you think viewing pornography, where 1 in 5 images is of a child under the age of 18, or going to the strip club is victimless, think again. 

My project will focus on the truth behind the sex industry that permeates our culture. The goal is to lift the thin glossy curtain that separates our happy lives from the mayhem that is happening only blocks away. Our team has been given some of the documentary film and an interview they acquired from someone who was rescued from the slave trade. With this one short PSA I’ll be taking the first step into a war, the war for human decency and morality, and the war for the minds of the people. Before you become your own personal Switzerland consider this, inaction is the enemy for evil does not rest and neither should we. If you still really believe that none of this affects you I would encourage you to take a drive and look around. If you don’t feel safe with the windows up and the doors locked think of the people who actually have a reason to fear for their lives every day.

What can I say with my finite outlook on my environment? The world, as I perceive it, has been shattered by truth. The shine is off the apple and the veneer of stereotyped social justification has been peeled back to show the ugly underbelly of our society. The human element, if you will, lurking in the shadows. I would be lying if I said that after in depth research on this matter I haven’t been looking over my shoulder every five minutes or double checking to make sure the door is in fact locked. This is amplified when my girlfriend is around, only then I am constantly checking for things that could be made into a weapon if the situation called for it. Thinking about it now it seems foolish and maybe that’s why the mass justification took place to begin with. People don’t want to look stupid at the grocery store checking under clothing racks or having their 15 year old daughter in the basket. So why waste your time worrying about what might happen? People want and possibly even need to feel safe (I know I do) and we do what they can to reach that equilibrium. After all what else can you do when you don’t know from moment to moment what might happen? Isn’t that the scariest thing of all?


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